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My name is Carol Milner and I live in Weymouth, Dorset but I’m originally from Beverley in East Yorkshire.  I graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional course in October 2016 after 10 months hard work for both me and my dog Sweep.  The course has taught me that I am a skilled clicker trainer (see Sweep in action on my YouTube channel) and it has given me the skills to teach people how to train their dogs.

I have owned dogs since 2001 when I got my first rescue dog Jack, a collie cross pointer mutt extraordinaire.  I also spent two years fostering dogs for a local charity which is how I gained Odie and Sweep (brothers born to a dog who came to the rescue), they are collie cross staffies.  Both have their issues!  Sweep is afraid of people and Odie is afraid of everything (apart from people whom he LOVES!) including loud noises, cats, cartoon dogs and real dogs.  Odie is the reason I became interested in training and behaviour as he is severely aggressive towards other dogs (purely because of his fear).  I began soaking up everything the modern positive reinforcement dog world has to offer about aggression and discovered Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) 2.0 which was developed by Grisha Stewart .  This has been our Holy Grail and we have already seen huge improvements in his level of anxiety and behaviour when other dogs are around.  But I chose to train as a clicker trainer because I saw how much confidence it gives both my boys.  Sweep will work with anyone who has a clicker and treats!

I have been a volunteer dog walker and part time kennel assistant at Margaret Green Animal Rescue (MGAR) since January 2015 and in 2016 they kindly awarded me Volunteer of the Year which was overwhelming.

Before venturing into dog training I worked as a marine biologist for 20 years.  The job taught me to avoid the use of jargon while not dumbing down content!

Carol Milner B.Sc. (Hons.), KPA CTP


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