• Why use clicker training...

    You'll have a life-long way of communicating and teaching your pets that everyone in the family can learn. Your pets will understand you. You'll understand your pets!

  • Why it works...

    The clicker is a tool that helps foster a human-animal relationship based on trust and clear communication rather than on fear of something bad

  • Why not give it a try...

    You can't harm your pets in this process. In fact everything you do will strengthen your bond with them.

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Welcome to Just CLick
Pet Training

Welcome to the Just Click Pet Training website.  My name is Carol Milner and I am a certified dog trainer.  I graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional Programme in October 2016.  During this programme I worked with my dogs and cats.  Clicker training works on all animals (Karen Pryor herself has trained fish, hermit crabs, whales, dolphins, cats, dogs, horses, the list is endless) and I am happy to work with all dog and other pet owners to teach them how to implement clicker training to create a life-long bond between them and their pets.


I use modern training methods based on positive reinforcement and force-free principles which creates a mutual bond of trust between your dog/cat/rabbit/rat and you.  I abide by the Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner Pledge.


I can help you with all aspects of training and will teach you the foundation skills to help you with training and bonding with all your current and future pets.


I cover the Dorset area and would be willing to consider working all over the country as needed.


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About Me

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